Fans Disliked That MIA was…M.I.A.

The persuasive abilities of fans astounds me! After being bombarded on twitter, MIA, the artist who gave everyone the middle finger at the Super Bowl last year, sent out a new song via e-mail. Now here is an incentive to bother every musician out there for new music! This is also incentive to become a fan of every artist you want to hear new music from! Maybe you could be the next fan who receives an exclusive track by email.

But this spawns an entire new way for musicians to interact with their fans. If all fans need to do is harass their idols on twitter for new material, the people who are actually paid to do that by agencies could potentially be entirely cut out of the picture…maybe? Or maybe this will encourage artists to produce more work. In any case, its pretty revolutionary to have an artist emailing fans new music before it’s even leaked on the website. But then again, MIA isn’t the most conventional.

A Branded Oktoberfest, Called Octoberfest!

For my event I covered Sam Adams Octoberfest on Friday evening. It was interesting to tweet from because while they didn’t have much an itinerary for the night, but instead had stations guests could float freely between.  Walking in, the staff put a sticker on everyone’s shirt and handed everyone 3 drink tickets, a list of beers on tap, a beer tasting journal, and a stein already filled with beer. I was then let out into a giant hall with long tables in the middle to sit at. I didn’t realize the sicker they put on my shirt had a beer on it, and suddenly someone ran up to me and shouted, “you’re my match!” After I was dragged to a table in the back, I realized we had to find our beer match in order to get a Oktoberfest hat. I still find this awesome because it forced people to talk to other people and make friends. They then had a pretzel tossing game, make your own pretzel necklace station, and a beer tasting station. So while I was able to tweet about the things occurring at the stations, and just generally around the event, there wasn’t really any “news” to report. However, they did have a huge screen in the room screening tweets that “hash-tagged” samOfest, which I found interesting!

If this was a newsworthy event, I can’t imagine being able to say everything I would want to in a tweet. I feel as though it would undermine the situation, unless it was just referencing the news story. After this, I think it is more of a PR tool than a news tool. I think it’s good for posting pictures and getting out event information, but not about important things that may be occurring.

My Inner Skeptic is Chirping in My Head

I can’t say twitter was much of an asset to me since I had to create my own twitter about a day ago. I understand how it could be an asset to news or sports organizations who can sum up their important, breaking news in one or two sentences, but for me, I can’t see it yet. The only thing twitters regarding music seem to provide me with are new downloads, but considering I am on my cell phone looking at these tweets it makes it difficult to listen to the demos, or download them. I find it much easier to go to the music blogs I enjoy reading when I have time to sit there and listen to demos and download them if I wish.  As for fashion twitters, all they seem to give me are links. Maybe it’s useful during fashion week to instantly post looks as they go down the runway, but even so, I would rather look at the articles and pictures on my own time. Also, the sponsored posts are so incredibly obvious, they are worse than advertisements flashing on a web page.

@nytimesfashion and @harpersbazaarus seems to post headlines, followed by links, while @refinery29 is a little better and adds some enthusiasm to their empty posts also followed by a link, and worst of all @bazaarUK didn’t even write sentences majority of the time, but only hash tags and links. In their defense, it is hard to write a headline with substance for a fashion story because it is a topic that must be shown, or described, which are two things twitter is not good for. @Glamour_fashion was probably the best fashion twitter out of them all.  They summed up what I needed to know about designer collections and trends in a few sentences, of course followed by links but I didn’t feel the desire to have to look at them because they did a great job explaining. Also, @victoriabeckham actually told me something about an exhibit I did not know was occurring at the Met in New York, even though it was not about fashion, but about art. And @thezoereport (a fashion site run by Rachel Zoe) actually told me a little something about music, even though I was on my phone and couldn’t find out whether it was actually good music or not, but the fact they posted “tunes” in a tweet impressed me! @Dazedmagazine shared many potentially good pieces of new music, but again, I was on my phone all day without the time to listen. @RollingStone also provided potentially good and free downloads of music, but yet again, I frustratingly could not do a thing about it. And as for the Sirius Radio sites (@SXMoctane, @siriusoctane, @altnation, and @siriusfaction) only @siriusoctane and @siriusfaction posted tweets about what they were playing at that moment, which again could be good music but if I’m not on my computer, its entirely invaluable to me.

Overall, I cannot say I am enjoying my twitter experience and look forward to being rid of it, until I am actually being paid to deal with it. But you never know! Maybe it will grow on me!