I think BostInno is definitely part of the new wave of journalism! I know a few of the other websites I regularly check started in one city and then ventured out into others. It’s a great way to accumulate money, rather than just starting big. I also found Mr. Garbarino’s presentation on his other projects intriguing! The fact he basically came up with Pinterest is quite incredible! I also liked how he kept drilling it into us that if ever want to get anything done we need to be persistent and not give up. His idea on mentioning companies/ people in articles in order to get some funding or just a meeting from them is great advice as well. I really dislike that he named the section called channels, “channels”. Personally, I have no idea what else it would be called, but I definitely think someone should figure out a new name for it! Also, I’m not crazy about their layout. I find it very tabloid-y! There is just so much going on on the page. Despite this, I think the website will do well with expansion because it covers many audiences and interests in one place, which is what people want.