Attitude is Everything

Age is nothing but a number. This is (hopefully) true for everyone, except probably models, in which they are thrown to the wayside by the time they turn 28. But this was not the case when a flash mob occurred in Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. No, it was not dancers. No, it was singers. And no, it was not PETA angrily making a statement against the use of fur in fashion. It was a group of elderly women putting on their own fashion show organized by Ari Seth Cohen, of, and included this very stylish woman here among others:

Photo by Ari Seth Cohen

Fashion week in New York is probably the best time to stage any kind of fashion statement, let alone by the age group that seems to be continuously ignored and put down in our society. According to the photographer Brandon Stanton from, “…the real fun began when security moved in and tried to break the whole thing up. These ladies had long past the age of being ordered around, and weren’t taking any crap. My favorite moment involved this 95 year old woman chest-bumping a 300 lb security guard.” Only in New York.