Josh Stearns on Storify

I have to admit Storify is one of the really great tools to come out of social media, especially after listening to Josh Stearns, from Free Press, talk about his 2011 Storify of the Year. His Storify that won is called “Tracking Journalist Arrests at Occupy Protests Around the Country”, and he was capable of drawing information from various social media outlets to portray the disturbing treatment journalists were receiving. He explained to us, once something it posted to Storify it is archived there, and cannot be deleted, which was one of his difficulties while picking information to put on the Storify. He ran into multiple people who had deleted their posts from their own social media outlets, but they were still archived on his Storify. ¬†Ultimately he decided he wouldn’t delete the posts because, as he said, people should learn to censor themselves, which I agree with. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

I also agree with Stearns in that it is fantastic that stories can be arranged and then rearranged based on breaking news and/or incoming information. However, I think it does pose problems because stories can then become slightly skewed, which Stearns also touched on when he said its hard to balance the author’s voice versus the real social content. But then again, considering people can comment or share on Storifys I suppose this can be counteracted.

I completely agree that Storify will become a major media tool for journalists in the future, much more so than Twitter. Considering posts can be archived, which can be very useful in capturing someone saying something they shouldn’t be saying, and create a very clear picture of newsworthy stories in the order of events; Storify’s will probably end up on most newspaper websites for every major occurrence around the world.