Dream of Music…Literally.

Tablet put together a sort of well curated list of hotels for music lovers, so I had to share! Not that I agree with all of them, but here they are…

Nhow Berlin, in well…Berlin, Germany, boasts two recording studios on the premises. Personally, I think this is pretty cool! Berlin has turned into a pretty hip, artistic city from what I’ve gathered so it’s also a brilliant marketing strategy! Inside, it’s incredibly colorful and uniquely modern, thanks to design pro Karim Rashid. The only picture I found to be different than this design aesthetic is this one, and my personal favorite:


Located in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA, the Sunset Marquis Hotel has been newly renovated and is apparently very private. Its bar, uniquely named Bar 1200, is reported so strict with admission it only accepts the rich and famous. The more I read about this hotel, the more I think pretentious, and so not rock & roll, but it’s on the list probably because it appeals to mainstream artists and music industry buffs.

As for The Clarence in Dublin, Ireland, well, it happens to be owned by Bono and the Edge of U2. If that doesn’t make it pretty awesome, I don’t know what else does. But again, this seems to appeal more to the music industry people and actors rather than the common folk, with a grand piano located in the penthouse suite. However, as Tablet points out, “The owners have never been much for hedonistic rock star excess…” [this is] more of the sort of place you’d chat with your writer friends than dance on tabletops.”

The Setai in Miami, Florida is an eight-story art deco building located on the beach and surrounded by palm trees. Inside, the only word I can think of using is zen, with its muted, dark colors. Apparently the rooms are so over the top, they top most of the other Miami Beach hotels. Again, I find myself wondering why this hotel is on this list, but it is!

The Alexis Hotel Seattle in Seattle, Washington is a boutique hotel, which is surprisingly not boutique-y! But, it’s apparently the specialty suites that are the most incredible, probably because each is inspired by Seattle’s art community. My personal favorite would most likely be the Experience Music Project suite, which features blown-up black and white concert photos and album covers all over the walls. Pretty sweet!!

Can you see Jamaica without Reggae? Exactly. No. So, the Geejam in Port Antonio, Jamaica is a beautiful fit. Beginning as a recording studio, it hasn’t grown too much since with only seven units. It’s location is incredibly low-key: it’s closer to the beaches than the nightlife of Port Antonio.

Located in one of the epicenters of indie-rock, Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas, also boasts a vinyl library. (Instantly making this another place I must stay.) The place seems to be nothing but hip on the inside. And I think this can express its awesomeness more so than my words:


The Ellington Hotel also in Berlin, Germany, is named after Duke Ellington the Jazz great. ‘nough said. It’s “golden-age elegance” spans 285 rooms, and the local Jazz station sets up shop by the bar each night for guests listening pleasure.

The Hotel Opera in Madrid, Spain is conveniently located right across the street from the Royal Opera, but besides that and the singing waiters, its not much of a musically inclined hotel.

And finally, the Ace Hotel New York in, yours truly’s beloved city, New York, NY. I’m sold on this one with the vintage turntables and the library adorned with vinyl alone. But this is THE hotel to go to if you’re simply “rock & roll”. It features vintage, refurbished furniture and you can’t go wrong with the lobby bar, which has definitely made a name for itself amongst the hipsters.

Pictures and referenced article courtesy of Tablet Hotels

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