A Branded Oktoberfest, Called Octoberfest!

For my event I covered Sam Adams Octoberfest on Friday evening. It was interesting to tweet from because while they didn’t have much an itinerary for the night, but instead had stations guests could float freely between.  Walking in, the staff put a sticker on everyone’s shirt and handed everyone 3 drink tickets, a list of beers on tap, a beer tasting journal, and a stein already filled with beer. I was then let out into a giant hall with long tables in the middle to sit at. I didn’t realize the sicker they put on my shirt had a beer on it, and suddenly someone ran up to me and shouted, “you’re my match!” After I was dragged to a table in the back, I realized we had to find our beer match in order to get a Oktoberfest hat. I still find this awesome because it forced people to talk to other people and make friends. They then had a pretzel tossing game, make your own pretzel necklace station, and a beer tasting station. So while I was able to tweet about the things occurring at the stations, and just generally around the event, there wasn’t really any “news” to report. However, they did have a huge screen in the room screening tweets that “hash-tagged” samOfest, which I found interesting!

If this was a newsworthy event, I can’t imagine being able to say everything I would want to in a tweet. I feel as though it would undermine the situation, unless it was just referencing the news story. After this, I think it is more of a PR tool than a news tool. I think it’s good for posting pictures and getting out event information, but not about important things that may be occurring.


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