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With so many amazing blogs with various different perspectives focused on the same topics I am choosing to write about, I figure I should pick their brains. has been a favorite of mine for the past few years. It focuses on not only music and fashion, but also on arts & culture, photography and video. This website is incredible because not only do they have multiple collaborators and contributors, but their entire team is allowed to post their own insight and blog posts. I highly recommend checking out Lucy Morris’ posts, as they follow the same theme I will be! While their fashion image galleries are less than stellar compared to other websites and blogs, Dazed Digital is highly descriptive when discussing collections, they inspire curiosity in the reader forcing readers to go to google, or the designers websites for a peak. Their music section is much more elaborate features profiles of artists and music events, as well as album critiques, new artists to check out and downloadable playlists created by Dazed Digital. However, be warned, the music airs on the extreme indie side. is definitely more of a mainstream and pop culture website compared to Dazed Digital’s indie perspective. Fashion lovers everywhere probably agree their composition and categorization of street style and home decor photo’s are incredible.  From what to wear to certain restaurants, to “back to school” style shots, to wardrobe essentials for the season; if it involves fashion, this site has it. While they do not feature a specific music section, but (disappointingly) bunch it under the term “entertainment”, they do feature downloadable playlists and new artists to check out. is amazing for record reviews and interviews, and it has a huge collection of mp3 downloads so readers may sample music as they please. is great for tour dates and reviews, and includes comedy shows if you’re into them.


Photo (cc) by Ariellie Calderonie under a Creative Commons license

Finally, is, as is evident in the title, all about fashion. It features designer and model interviews, runway recaps and reviews and contains tons of photos ranging from runway, to street style as well as “best of” lists. This site is an absolute must for fashion lovers everywhere.

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