What is the “Dark Side”?

The unusual. The unique. Punk. Self expression. While these categories could encompass a wide variety of things, I will be focusing my blog on two topics that have always gone hand in hand under these categories for me: music and fashion. The world of fashion is always filled with music. Amazing music is found at runway shows, at every after-party and models are constantly transitioning to be DJ’s or artists. Music itself has always been a dominant influence in the fashion world as well. The music itself transformed punk, metal and rock into not just musical phenomenon’s, but clothing phenomenon’s.

While not every post will focus on how the two are joined at the hip, the overall theme will focus on the bouts of self-expression and variety that can be found within these two intertwining subjects and the ways in which they affect us as individuals and as a culture. Traditional blogs such as Fashionologie.com and obscuresound.com have remained loyal to their original topics of fashion or music. Websites such as Refinery29.com began featuring fashion and branched out to include music and other forms of entertainment, while blogs such as DazedDigital.com went the opposite way; starting with music and entertainment and branching out to include fashion.

It is the blogs and websites, such as those named above, that paved the way for the revolution of the music and fashion industries. New artists and designers have it easier now than ever before to get their product on the web, where it proceeds to be viewed or listened to by thousands of people. It is a beautiful world now that new musical talent can be discovered everyday, with a weeding out process of bands similar to Darwin’s survival of the fittest, and street style from around the world can be seen at any time of day, creating more of a world style than a regional one. With this widespread global sharing, people must appreciate everything others in this world have to offer, because even if it is on the dark side, people really do create beautiful things.

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